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Tips to Consider

White Papers Preferred By B2B Tech Buyers

According to a recent report from Eccolo Media, product brochures are frequently consumed and highly valued by B2B technology buyers. The survey, based on data from people responsible for influencing or making B2B technology buying decisions, said that 57% of respondents had looked at product brochures/data sheets from B2B technology vendors in the past six months, the most engagement with any content type.

Posted by Jack Loechner on Jan 30, 6:15 AM

Literally, A Picture IS Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Traditional wisdom gave marketers three seconds to capture the consumer's eye in the shopping aisle... or maybe 13 seconds... but how 'bout 13 Milliseconds?! A recent MIT study showed that when using a visual in a presentation, it actually takes 13 milliseconds for your customer's brain to identify and find meaning in it.

Posted by Jack Loechner on Mar 5, 6:15 AM

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